I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at CORE, Catholic University of Louvain. My research interests are in the fields of Applied Econometrics, Economics of Education and Labour Economics. In particular, I focus on determinants of access in post-secondary education, intergenerational transmission of education and on wage premium to university quality. Another strand of my research work concentrates on program evaluation, school and teacher effectiveness assessment using value added models.

My most recent paper uses a unique administrative data set that allows me to track the mobility dynamics of primary and secondary school teachers in Chile. I exploit a collective pay incentive award that is granted to schools based on an index cut-off point. The award allocation process is consistent with a regression discontinuity design (RDD), which provides an exceptional opportunity of estimating the causal effect of collective pay incentive programs on teaching staff composition. Furthermore, I show that the effect of the program on school performance operates through two mechanisms: teacher incentives and sorting. The estimated effect through teacher sorting is much higher than the effect through teacher incentives. The results have direct policy implications. You may learn more on my research here.